I had uncontrollable oily skin, and it made me insecure. I work in sales and would avoid close conversations with people. Arctic Blast regulates my natural oils. It is unlike any prescription treatments I have tried. The Gerri Weise Skincare System changed my life.
Rachel S
I received the entire line of Gerri Weise Skincare Products as a Christmas gift, and now in April, I am ecstatic about leaving this positive review. This line is the best I have ever tried (and I have tried a lot!). I get so many compliments on my skin every day. My skin has never been healthier.
Tana A
My friend always raved about the Gerri Weise Skincare System, and I wondered how such affordable products could work so well. Now, I am a believer! The Papaya Gel and Mint Buffing Cream are like nothing I have ever tried in my life. I use them twice a day, and my skin completely glows! Face Value is also one of my favorites. This brand is incredible!
Stacey R
The fine lines around my eyes bothered me, but I did not want to take surgical measures. Timeless Eye Cream by Gerri Weise has turned back the time on my skin. I use Gerri’s Foundational Cleanse and AM/PM too. Even my lips are smoother. My skin really glows!
Shari T